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Game Description:


Hoppetee,  meaning ‘go on!‘ or ‘you did it!', is the perfect name for our courageous little grasshopper. Smaller than his friends, Hoppetee can’t jump as high as the big ones can. Luckily, he comes across a ball, and by riding it, this little grasshopper can jump, run and float through a whimsical world --

accompanied by a catchy tune.


In Hoppetee!, players can enjoy the title's

harmony, Hoppetee’s cute laughter and

the game's very uplifting message:


"Use your opportunities and discover the

beauties of your life!"



Platform: Android, iOS back soon

Publisher: Birgit Stock

Developer: Birgit Stock and Chimera Entertainment




   Key Features:


 • Make Hoppetee jump, run and float on different balls

   throughout the day and night. Be sure to make use of

   the hills to time jumps, maximize speed and distance.


 • Score points to activate useful power-ups and fuel

   Hoppetee’s flow with musical notes to get into the

   groove. Don’t forget to collect fireflies, because

   without their light, you won’t pass the night!


 • Help Hoppetee to find brand new balls to roll and jump

   with by unlocking and accomplishing different



"Chinese landscape set with Chinese-themed music

*Play with your favorite ball

*New fancy dresses for Hoppetee

*Collect the new golden coins to activate fancy dresses and power plants

*Lot's of new challenges