We love hearing from you!


For all enquiries, send us a message via the form.


Unfortunately, we can’t accept any game ideas, so please don’t send them in.



Contact Information


Phone: +49 8022 188980


Mailing Address

Nördliche Hauptstrasse 24

83700 Rottach-Egern



When will Hoppetee! be released?

Hoppetee! will be released June 25, 2013.


Will Hoppetee! be made for any other platforms in the near future?

There is no release date yet for other platforms then iOs, but we work on it.


I have a problem with my Hoppetee! game. What shall I do?

Please have a look at the iOs section to find an answer for your problem. If you cannot find an answer, please contact us through our contact form.


Is there a Hoppetee! Privacy Policy available?

Yes, you can see the Hoppetee! Privacy Policy here.

I have Hoppetee! on my iPhone/iPod, will it work on my iPad?

Yes, Hoppetee! is an Universal App.


All my scores are gone. What to do?

We only had this by removing the game. If something else has gone wrong on your device, please let us know.


The sounds do not work. What to do?

Please check that your device's sounds are on, and the sounds of Hoppetee! have not been muted.



Hoppetee! has frozen/ does not load / is crashing. What to do?

That problem can usually be solved by rebooting your device. Hold down the home and the sleep-wake buttons for more then ten seconds.

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